1978 - 2022

This page shows a bit of my early work, in the last century.
More recent works can be found in the links below:

The Witness


Cactus Flowers

Her Highness

In Every Dream Home A Heartache

The Arrangements

My Egypt


Anonymous Women


The Judd Montages





Before I ever collaged, I collected old magazines and nostalgia.




I read them cover to cover and eventually I cut them up to create my own stories.





My first collages were made in high school, the early 70's. I was looking at Interview, Richard Hamilton and Pop Art.





Plus like many teenage girls I also devoured magazines aimed at beauty and fashion.





In the punk era, my work was made for Xeroxed fanzines and punk posters.





By that time I knew about Dada, having seen Dada and Surrealism Revisited at London's Hayward Gallery in 1978.






In the early 80s the work, like the music subculture of the time, took a turn towards New Romanticism.




I worked in a record store in San Francisco and was influenced by Post Punk and classic literature.




Over the years I've made all kinds of work - painting, drawing, music, dance, performance - but collage/photomontage was and is the most constant.





I've called it a Bedroom Art as often that was the only place I had to work in. I completely relate to the "Cut with a Kitchen Knife" idea.





Sometimes images traveled around with me for decades before I used them.





It is the medium most about my own life and whatever concerned me at the time - love, labor, style, war, work, loneliness, respect, art.





Collages from about 2007 onwards you can explore in my WORK page. Thank you.




Self Portrait, 1978