The Marriage

Collages based on the marriage of Carl Andre and Ana Mendieta, 2014 - 2017








The Marriage

In 2007 I created The Judd Montages, riffing on the work of Donald Judd. While I made that work, Carl Andre was in the back on my mind. His presence was felt in my art school NYC days, as were the sequence of events regarding his marriage to the artist Ana Mendieta. But initially I was just thinking about his sculpture.

As the years progressed with work I made around female identity, I realized that I couldn’t think about Carl without thinking of Ana. She became that inescapable woman, similar to my Anonymous Women collages, in which I had placed women everywhere - in the sky, in the room, in history, as a God, inescapable. - And I figured Andre couldn’t escape Mendieta either.

It amazes me how much their work tells their story. It gave me a place, a sensation, a thing, a body, a face. He is often still, immobile, contained and hard. She is wild, earthy, hot and on fire. Those are generalizations but worth mentioning. It has also struck me how forward Mendieta was, how many artists of all genders take a page from her, probably without knowing it.

Eva Lake