Eva Lake: Fashion Items, collage, 2014 - 2016

Exhibited at Augen Gallery in Portland in 2016 and frosch & portmann in 2015.














From the female face in Anonymous Women, I went to the body, calling the work The Torso. When I began that work, I also started a day job selling very expensive clothes - what might be called The Best. There is a lot of attention paid to just one garment, an entire Romance. That Romance followed me into the studio and eventually I began collages with just a garment, no body or face needed. You might say that what I did with the face via Anonymous is what I am doing with the body via Fashion Items and The Torso.

I remember a quote from an artist who used a jacket in one of her installations: "This is not about fashion or style," she said. "This is about transformative power." Those words really stuck with me because I witness the transformational power of style and fashion on a daily basis. It is all the same thing to me. These new collages come out of that idea and are what I call Fashion Items.