The Witness 2020 - 2021










































The Witness began in the summer of 2020.
This page is a selection from the entire body of work.
I lived right next to the Justice Center in Portland, Oregon.
Like every other city, it became a strange ghost town once COVID hit.
Some of this quiet was not unwelcome by me.
Then George Floyd was murdered.
I lived under helicopters and newscasts for months.
I saw every kind of alarm, fight, rage, parade, protest, smoke and fire.
Eventually I was assaulted, but that felt like some everyday event by that time.
My studio was a bunker.
Then the fires hit my state.
My mother's house burned to the ground.
I just kept working. It was my way to survive.
I often returned to imagery I had not really used in decades, as if I was back at The War.
I am still there.