The Judd Montages

Eva Lake, photomontage, 2007 - 2013

The Judd Montages debuted at Frosch and Portmann in New York City in 2012. They also showed at VOLTA NYC with Frosch and Portmann in March 2013.












In New York I lived in an illegal sublet. I was supposed to stay three months but stayed ten years. The sublet had belonged to a well heeled art dealer and while not having many things, everything it had was good. One of those things was a slick art magazine from the 60s featuring Donald Judd. Judd never really meant all that much to me but the glossiness of the stark forms stayed with me. The dealer never came back for most of his things. I held on to the magazine for over 2 decades before I cut into it.

The work began as a gesture under a bit of duress, as I had just lost my hoarded stash bag full of potential collage images in a move. Feeling paralyzed, I decided to create an exercise that would feel easy. I also wanted to inject some juice into something more known for its austerity and non-content - and to play with something not really meant to be played with. This exercise turned out to be The Judd Montages. They came right before the Targets and I donít think I could have made the Targets without them.


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