Eva Lake


In Every Dream Home A Heartache

A selection of this body of work will show at the Volta Art Fair in Basel in June 2019
















I have a love / hate relationship with the Mid Century, including the perfect homes and the perfect women. As I continue to explore the luscious confines of "beauty," I circle round to interiors, a domain of identity and “creativity” that women were traditionally allowed, to some extent, to control. The memories of perfection linger and you feel the presence of these women, even when they are not there. Whether it is in vintage photography or a period room – there is that energy, the attempt, the capitulation. And when they are there, I sense a ghost, as if there is more than one persona in the individual; there is a mask and then, there’s something else.


"In Every Dream Home A Heartache" is of course the title of a great Roxy Music song (lyrics, Bryan Ferry). The love of his life is a custom-designed inflatable doll, sometimes disappointing and sometimes alarming.