Eva Lake

I work in both photomontage and painting.  

My exhibition history is here.

Upcoming 2011 solo exhibitions include Targets at Some Walls in Oakland, CA., curated by Chris Ashley and Drape at Augen Desoto in August.

Upcoming group shows include ReCovered at frosch&portmann in New York City, opening June 30th.

Targets was my most recent solo exhibition - at Augen Desoto in June 2010. Some of them are also in the current group show Twist and Crawl in Richmond, CA at the National Institute for Art and Disabilities, curated by Timothy Buckwalter. Three Targets are also in Cutters at the West Cork Arts Center in Cork, Ireland, curated by James Gallagher. Cutters opened the new Gestalten Space in Berlin on April 28th.

Augen Gallery has held three solo painting shows for me - in April 2005 (Vive Chrome), in August 2006 (Take Off) and 2007 I showed the Richter Scale, a painting installation.  

Currently I am host and producer of Art Focus on KBOO. I am also contributing to Visual Art Source.

This year I was also the Art Narrator for the CAP Auction.

Various exploits were detailed in my Diary and now, my blog.

Here is my links page.