Eva Lake: Her Highness

January 2020 Solo Exhibition at Modernism, San Francisco










I've messed with the story of art since I began collaging at 15, but the more serious focus has been maintained the last decade or so. Since I studied ancient art history in school (as well as archaeology), it's been especially amusing to reshuffle images and ideas I had to memorize and theorize about. This was the case for Egypt, Greece and Rome and in Her Highness, I am looking at the sculpture of India.

First, I like making stone come to life. And I like condensing time via the modern, mid-century woman, who had her own stony, etched-in experience of life. But what I most enjoy is flipping the roles. The deities are above, untouchable, spiritually beyond question, of genius and absolute authority - whereas she tends to be nothing of that. That is not what we expected of her, that is not how she was groomed. So she has taken root, knows transformation and has busted out of the rock.